Morocco considers setting up LNG infrastructure in Mohammedia port

Morocco invited bids for a study concerning the setting up of LNG infrastructure and a floating storage and regasification unit in the port of Mohammedia, the port agency said.

January 25 was set as a deadline for the bid which aims at helping the port agency upgrade the port to host LNG and FSRU infrastructure.

Energy Minister Leila Benali had told MPs last month that her ministry was looking at the setting up of LNG infrastructure and the launch of an FSRU that would supply the country with all gas needs.

Morocco used to rely on Algeria for most of its gas needs until the latter unilaterally decided to halt the flow of gas through a pipeline last October in a series of hostile measures.

Benali said Morocco’s gas consumption would increase from 1 billion cubic meters in 2021 to 3 billion cubic meters in 2040.

Morocco’s domestic gas production is expected at 110 million cubic meters this year but promising prospects await the country with the successful wells discovered by British companies Sound Energy, Chariot, and Sdx energy across the country.

Morocco has revised upwards its renewable energy targets to 70% of the energy mix by 2040 and 80% by 2080 in a bid to meet its low-carbon goals.

Moroccan authorities look at LNG as a clean source of energy suitable for the carbon-free transition.

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