Covid-19: Morocco tightens controls on inbound travellers

Covid-19: Morocco tightens controls on inbound travellers

Moroccan authorities have decided to tighten control on all inbound travellers amid a surge of covid-19 infections in various parts of Europe as colder temperatures start to set in with the winter season approaching.

Medical teams have been beefed up in all Moroccan ports and airports where passengers are scanned with thermal cameras, while some may be subject to random antigen test.


Furthermore, all international passengers arriving in the country are required to show a vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test to be allowed in.

Any passenger testing positive for covid-19 will not be allowed to enter the North African Kingdom and will be returned to his country of origin except for persons with a permanent residence in Morocco.

To date, over 22.4 million people have been fully vaccinated in Morocco, 24.3 million received their first dose of the vaccine, while over 1.5 million others got their third booster jab.

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