Morocco & U.S. armies preparing “African Lion 2022”

Morocco & U.S. armies preparing “African Lion 2022”

Royal Armed Forces and U.S. Army are preparing the upcoming joint military drills “African Lion” 2022, one of the major annual exercises organized to strengthen cooperation and training, enhance interoperability and promote the exchange of military experiences.


The announcement was made by the U.S. Army Europe and Africa Command in its Twitter account. «Coming Soon: #AfricanLion 22 », said the U.S. army.

The joint preparations planning took place last month in Agadir, Morocco. The exercise will be “multinational, multi-domain and multifunctional. It will test participating warfighters’ ability to deploy, fight and win in a complex, competitive and global environment”, said the U.S. Army in its tweet.

Besides Morocco and the U.S., The African Lion brings together armies of allied countries such as the UK, Canada, Brazil, Tunisia, Senegal, the Netherlands and Italy, as well as the Atlantic Alliance. Military observers from some 30 countries representing Africa, Europe and America attend the exercise, which is the largest in Africa.

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