Tunisia hands death penalty to murderer of police officer killed in 2017

A court in Tunisia sentenced to death a takfiri for the murder of Commandant Riadh Barrouta killed in a stabbing attack back in 2017 at Bardo Museum in capital Tunis.

The country’s specialized criminal chamber for terrorist cases also handed to the accused life in prison sentence for attempting to kill another police officer, Mohsen Dali, the deputy prosecutor at Tunis First Instance Court indicated, Webdo Tunis reports.

The verdict also includes 10 years in prison for belonging to a terrorist group.

The takfiri, term used to describe a Muslim who commits takfir, i.e. accuses another Muslim of apostasy, stabbed Barrouta in the neck at the museum square in November 2017. Transferred to hospital, Barrouta went under the knife but succumbed to the injuries.

Two years earlier, in 2015 a commando of Islamic state group (ISIS) militants stormed the museum and mowed down more than 20 people most of whom were foreign tourists.

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