Tunisian forces kill one citizen in buffer zone with Libya

Tunisian forces kill one citizen in buffer zone with Libya


A young Tunisian was killed Tuesday after forces opened fire on his car at Jenine buffer zone near the Libyan border, in the governorate of Bizerte.

The ministry of Defense said in a statement that an outpost operating in Remada detected three vehicles moving in Jenine buffer zone.

The forces, the ministry added, chased them and shot warning shots to stop them.

However, as they refused to comply, the military units aimed the tires of the cars. Two of them entered the Libyan territory, while the third stopped. It turned out that the person accompanying the driver was dead, the statement added.

The prosecution of the military court opened an investigation into the incident, the ministry also noted.

Smuggling networks had used for years illegal borders to smuggle goods including tobacco, gold, foreign currency, large quantities of consumer products, and subsidized gasoline from Libya to Tunisia, as well as alcohol and pharmaceutical products from Tunisia to Libya.

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