Algeria sacrifices its relations with the US to nail Israel, defend Iran

Algeria sacrifices its relations with the US to nail Israel, defend Iran

Algeria, deeply disheartened by the latest news implying that the new US administration of President Joe Biden, will not reverse the decision made by its predecessor regarding the recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara, has mobilized the pro-regime media to nail the USA and its ally Israel, and to defend Iran.


In a long article posted on its website, describes the US and Israel as being “arrogant”, an arrogance that “will lead them to their doom,” and criticizes their “new strategy” which consists in creating an advantage for them and dilemmas for the enemies.

According to the author of the article, this “new strategy” is that of “the conqueror who is accountable to no one.”


He added that realizing that the superiority in the balance of forces is no longer guaranteed eternally, Americans are “practicing cyber warfare without leaving their comfortable military base or their country,” while Israelis, which are within range of a simple rocket, worth a few tens of dollars (an illusion to Iran-made missiles), will have to activate their Iron-Dome, the missile costing tens of thousands of dollars, to stop it.


Apparently, through his excess of verbiage, the author only sought to defend Iran, whose nuclear issue is being discussed in Vienna. In this connection, he claimed that the United States and Israel “cannot demand anything and even less impose their own rules on an Iran which has the ancient right for itself, that of defending itself.”


The columnist hails further Iran’s response to the attack on its nuclear site of Netanz which consisted in “increasing its uranium enrichment to 60% and allowed Syria to fire a Fath 10 missile, which was set to fall 30 km from the Dimona nuclear site.”

All is said. Algeria applauses Iran’s arrogance, and defiance of the nuclear treaty which limits uranium enrichment to 20%, as it hails, through the pen holder of the article, the resistance of the Taliban who destroyed Afghanistan and sacrificed generations of Afghans.

Another irony of this article is that its author claims that “We are entering an era of a new type of war and those who will be able to shelter their country are those who will not bet on the arrogance that comes with military power.” (Sic) What is Algeria doing right now? Is it not betting on military power? Is it not spending billions of dollars in its arms race, instead of securing the wellbeing of its people, who are struggling to death to get a pint of milk or a liter of table oil?


Leaping into the role of telling everyone else what is going wrong and what to do, Algeria would be better off if it focused on its own internal social and economic crisis, for the sake of its own people.


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