Hundreds of Moroccans stuck in Tunis after flights suspension

Hundreds of Moroccans stuck in Tunis after flights suspension

Morocco has suspended direct flights between Casablanca and Tunis leaving hundreds of people stranded in the airports of the two cities.

The flight ban is part of a series of similar measures taken by Morocco covering more than 40 destinations in a bid to curb the spread of new coronavirus strains.

Many Moroccans opted for the Tunis route in order to reach European destinations after Morocco halted flights with most key destinations in Europe.

To be able to take a special flight to Morocco, Tunisian authorities asked Moroccan passengers to obtain a special permission from Morocco’s consular services.

The surge of infections of the new coronavirus strain, which the press estimate at 140 in Morocco, has pushed Moroccan authorities to maintain a night curfew during Ramadan.

So far, Morocco continues its vaccination campaign and has administered more than 8.5 million doses becoming Africa’s vaccination leader.

The North African country expects to receive 10 million doses of China’s Sinopharm vaccine this April and next month.



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