Victims of Toufiq Bouachrine set up association to defend their rights

Victims of journalist and then owner of Akhbar Al Yaoum Taoufiq Bouachrine announced that they will set up an association to defend their rights and dignity.

The move came after Maati Mounjib, who is ironically a right activist, whitewashed Bouachrine whom he said is innocent, turning a blind eye to a group of 12 women who endured sexual assault and stigma in the work place.

A Moroccan court in 2019 indicted Bouachrine to 15 years in prison for multiple charges including rape and blackmail.

The victims said that the association was necessary because their voice has to be heard, le360 news outlet reported.

They also decided to bring a charge against Maati Mounjib in France – since he is a dual national- to decry his statements and raise awareness about the suffering they endured.


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