Algerian regime pushes conspiracy theories to the limit to discredit pro-democracy Hirak

Algerian regime pushes conspiracy theories to the limit to discredit pro-democracy Hirak

The Algerian military junta has ridiculed itself once again as it keeps miring itself in conspiracy theories saying this time that one Moroccan was arrested among hundreds of thousands of protesters who took to the street of Algiers demanding a clean break with an opaque and corrupt regime.

As the Hirak regains its momentum following a break imposed by the pandemic, millions march in different Algerian cities chanting ‘’the people want independence,’’ ‘’a civilian not a military state,’’ ‘’why should we vote,’’ and other slogans that make an aged military elite tremble.

Lacking a democratic or economically viable alternative to legitimate street demands, the Kingmaker in Algeria, the army, kept recycling the same old conspiracy theories blaming the Hirak on Morocco, France and Israel.

The Djeich editorial, which reflected the disarray within the army leadership and its civilian facade, was clear in warning against the continuation of the Hirak and slogans calling for the army to stay away from politics and made a reference to Morocco as an enemy at the gate instigating the Hirak.

Unrelenting in its absurd claims that insult the millions of people who take to the streets every Friday, the Algerian regime said a Moroccan was arrested among protesters.

This came after their previous attempts to tarnish the Hirak by saying that terrorist groups are behind the protests failed.

As the regime foot-drags on genuine political and economic reforms, Algeria’s oil mantra is being depleted and the crisis omens start to bite.

Long queues in front of post offices due to a liquidity crisis, a lack of foodstuff notably vegetable oil, drought and water cuts in cities besides an upward inflation curve combined with devaluation of the dinar are all factors that will further fuel the anger of the Algerian people.

To these challenges, the regime continues to use the card of the foreign enemy and conspiracy theories which only resound in Algerian official media.


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