UN exposes Polisario lies regarding situation in Sahara

UN exposes Polisario lies regarding situation in Sahara

The UN has laid bare the claims of Polisario regarding tensions in the Sahara and exposed to the world the lies of the Algeria-backed separatists.

The UN mission in the Sahara “continues to receive unconfirmed reports of sporadic firing across the berm. The Mission continues to monitor the situation throughout the Territory, including in Guerguarat,” UN Secretary General’s Spokesman Stephen Dujjaric told reporters on March 1.


Earlier on February 26, the spokesperson said the UN “have not received any information that the situation in Guerguarat has changed in any way.”


These statements deal a blow to the Polisario and its mentor, Algeria, and exposes their fake news which are more directed to quell dissent in the Tindouf camps where people are fed up of years of Polisario separatism chimera.


Meanwhile, the Polisario continues to release daily statements about an imaginary war and illusory victories with no impact whatsoever on the ground.

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