Libyan parliament stresses new government should represent all regions

Libyan parliament stresses new government should represent all regions

Speaker of Libyan Parliament Aguila Saleh said the interim government of technocrates should have representatives from all Libyan regions and work for the best interest of the country.

Speaking following talks with Morocco’s foreign minister Nasser Bourita in Rabat Friday, Saleh said the Libyan Parliament will meet in Sirte where security conditions are propitious or in Tobruk to approve the formation of the new government.


Finding a way out of the crisis requires mobilizing best competencies within the interim government, he said.


Libya needs a government to foster unity and address the pressing challenges of the Libyan citizens such as health concerns and liquidity, he said, stressing the need to uphold the momentum made in Morocco’s Bouznika talks concerning criteria for appointing officials in senior government positions.


Saleh also grabbed this occasion to highlight Morocco’s role in inter-Libyan dialogue and its sustained efforts in favor of Libya’s unity and territorial integrity.


Bourita, for his part, voiced hope to see the formation of the interim government as soon as possible in order to better manage the transition and respond to the daily needs of the Libyan people and to prepare for national elections.


“Libyans need a government that is approved by the parliament and that represents all Libyan provinces,” said Bourita, expressing hope that the constitution of an interim government takes place in harmony between Libyans, helps unite institutions and visions in Libya, and prevents division and conflict.


The Moroccan foreign minister said he had phone talks with Prime Minister Abdelhamid Dabeiba to renew support for all legitimate institutions in Libya.


The recently-elected al-Dabaib is set to soon present before the parliament his nominations for the “Government of National Unity,” which will hold power in Libya until the elections in December.


Morocco has always acted in favor of an inter-Libyan solution to the conflict without foreign interferences. It has hosted the Skhirate talks in 2015 and recently multiple rounds of inter-Libyan talks in Bouznika and also in Tangier to lay down clear criteria for appointing senior officials.


Morocco has facilitated the Libyan talks under the umbrella of the UN to unite Libya’s sovereign institutions.


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