IAEA partners with Morocco to promote nuclear techniques in Africa

IAEA partners with Morocco to promote nuclear techniques in Africa

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has teamed up with Morocco’s National Center for Energy and Nuclear Science and Technology (CNESTEN) to promote nuclear techniques in Africa, particularly in water resource management.

The two parties have agreed to join efforts to encourage the use of isotope hydrology tools both in Morocco and in Africa. This involves stepping up cooperation with African competent institutions and conducting trainings in analytical methods and applications of geochemical and isotope tools.

“The IAEA and CNESTEN will work together to enhance national capabilities of IAEA Member States in applying radioisotopes and radiation-based techniques to support cleaner and safer industrial process management,” said Najat Mokhtar, IAEA Deputy Director General during the signing ceremony held lately via videoconference.

The two sides pledge to promote the use of non-invasive nuclear techniques, such as non-destructive-testing, radiotracers and sealed sources applications.

“The scientific and technical cooperation between CNESTEN and the IAEA has enhanced the use of nuclear technology in Africa. In the context of climate change and Africa’s growing population, nuclear applications will play even more important role in achieving greener industry, better environmental protection and improved availability and quality of water,” said Khalid El Mediouri, Director General of CNESTEN.

CNESTEN, which has been designated an IAEA Collaborating Centre in 2015, has provided trainings to more than 60 IAEA Technical Cooperation counterparts in the African continent.


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