After the United States, NATO adopts the complete map of Morocco, including its Sahara

After the United States, NATO adopts the complete map of Morocco, including its Sahara

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has just adopted the complete, undivided map of Morocco, including its Sahara, following suit to the United States, which made the same move after it recognized Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara provinces.

NATO’s move deals another blow to the enemies of the Kingdom’s territorial integrity, comments the news outlet which reported the news.

A few days after the American recognition of the Moroccanness of the Sahara, it is NATO’s turn to confirm the historical evidence of the Kingdom’s sovereignty over its Saharan provinces, when displaying the maps of the 16 partner countries of the Defense Education Enhancement Program (DEEP), initiated by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Morocco, which has the status of major non-NATO ally, is actually one of the 16 partner countries of the DEEP, a NATO vehicle for reform, providing tailored practical support to individual countries in developing and reforming their professional military education institutions.

On its website, NATO now shows the undivided map of Morocco, incorporating its Sahara.

NATO’s Defense Education Enhancement Program, through faculty development, curriculum development and peer-to-peer consultations, fosters defense capacity and institution building. By enhancing democratic institutions, it makes an important contribution to NATO’s efforts to project stability in the Euro-Atlantic area and beyond, the organization states on its website.

In view of its status as a major non-NATO ally, Morocco thus asserts itself as a strong and credible country, and a contributor to the efforts of the military alliance to preserve security and stability in the Euro-Atlantic area.

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