European Parliament examines human rights abuses in Algeria

European Parliament examines human rights abuses in Algeria

After several human rights watchdogs denounced the recurrent violations of human rights and harassment of activists and journalists in Algeria, the European Parliament is set to debate in emergency a resolution on the deterioration of freedoms in the North African country.

The resolution was tabled by the centrist political groups, namely “Renew Europe” and “Socialists and Democrats (S&D)” as crackdown on dissent intensified after months of anti-government demonstrations, known as Hirak, and as heavy prison sentences were handed to several journalists, including Khaled Drareni.

This resolution denounces human rights abuses in Algeria, as well as the freedom-killing amendments to the Algerian Penal Code and the new Constitution.

The draft resolution urges MEPs to call on Algerian authorities to authorize international human rights organizations and UN agents in charge of the special procedures of the Human Rights Council to have access to their territory. The text also demands the release of more than 90 Hirak prisoners of conscience.


As stated in the draft text, the European Parliament urges Algerian authorities to allow a genuine political dialogue and to stop criminalizing fundamental freedoms, by adopting a new legislation fully in line with international standards.

“This realm of freedom devoted to civil society is essential for the emergence of a democratic Algeria led by civilians,” states the draft resolution.

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