Sahara: Polisario extremely anxious over excellent ties between Rabat & President-Elect Joe Biden

Sahara: Polisario extremely anxious over excellent ties between Rabat & President-Elect Joe Biden

The victory of Democrat Joe Biden in the 2020 US presidential election has prompted a deep concern within the Polisario top leadership due to the “close and excellent ties” existing between Morocco and the US democrat party, according to a Spanish-speaking website close to the Algeria-backed separatist group.

It is “under the Obama administration that Morocco’s autonomy plan offered for the Sahara has gained momentum and preeminence over the “self-determination referendum” as a realistic and credible solution to the Sahara regional conflict.

The US president-elect had visited Morocco twice. The first visit was made in 2013, while the second was in 2015. When he was vice-president, Mr. Biden had said the solution to the Sahara issue “requires a fair and feasible autonomy”, according to the Madrid-based website.

The polisario leaders are worried over a possible Moroccan military action against its armed militiamen in the Southern Guerguarat crossing point between Morocco and Mauritania.

Despite warnings issued by the international community and the UN Security Council to end their provocative actions, the Polisario militias continue to obstruct normal traffic flow between Southern Morocco and Mauritania, endangering peace and stability in the region.

The Algeria-backed separatists are afraid and deeply concerned that the North African Kingdom would gain the support and endorsement of the 46th US president to carry out a military action in Guerguarat to ensure free movement of goods and people.


In his speech made over the weekend on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the Green March, King Mohammed VI said Morocco “will not be affected, in any way, by the useless provocations and desperate schemes of the other parties, which attest to a headlong rush, now that their outdated claims have failed”.

“We categorically reject the unacceptable practices designed to disrupt the normal flow of traffic between Morocco and Mauritania, change the legal and historical status of the territory east of the berm, or illegally exploit the region’s resources,” the Monarch also said.


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