Hospitalization of Algeria’s President stirs concern ahead of referendum

Algerian President Abdelmejid Tebboune flew to a hospital in Germany where he is receiving medical care, amid concern for his condition as many of his top aides caught the coronavirus.

His transfer to Germany is indicative of the failure of Algeria to have a health system that can care for the President.

Like his predecessor, Tebboune flew on board an airplane owned by GLAM which operates flights equipped with intensive medical care equipment, including ventilators.

Last week, the President said he will self-isolate after several senior aides tested positive for coronavirus.

There has not been an official announcement that Tebboune has tested positive for COVID-19.

Algeria has been lambasted for its low tests and total blackout on the coronavirus pandemic management.

His treatment comes just days before an important referendum on changes he has proposed to Algeria’s constitution.

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