IEA reaffirms Morocco’s renewable energy leadership

IEA reaffirms Morocco’s renewable energy leadership

Morocco offers a model to follow in the region thanks to its sustainable policies to bolster energy transition and investments in renewable energies, the International Energy Agency said in a recent report.

“Important lessons can also be drawn from Morocco, which alone accounted for three-quarters of the region’s renewable electricity production growth,” said the agency in a report dubbed North Africa’s pathways to clean energy transitions.

The agency highlighted the “impressive achievements” of Morocco in energy transition thanks to “concerted government policy.”

In this regards, it recalled the forward-looking announcement by Morocco in 2009 to cover 42% of its electricity needs from renewable sources by 2030.

Morocco raised the target to 52% in 2015 and has moved at a faster pace that will enable it to cover up to 65% of its energy needs from renewable sources thanks to steady investment and consistent policies endorsed at the highest state level.

Morocco’s headway with energy transition was facilitated by an investment-friendly regulatory framework allowing tendering and auctions for large-scale solar and wind projects, encouraging private investments in the sector.

“Other enablers of success focused on fostering investor and lender confidence by creating competent one-stop-shop agencies including the Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Development (MASEN); ensuring strong institutional off-takers; and increasing institutional capacity,” said the IEA.

Despite the difficult economic context this year, Morocco successfully commissioned two wind projects.

Morocco’s renewable energy ambitions have been included into the country’s regional integration and trade outlook with interconnections with Spain and Algeria. Morocco is now looking to integrate further into other markets in North and sub-Saharan Africa, as well as Europe.


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