Covid-19: Over 2,260 schools in Morocco opt for remote learning

Covid-19: Over 2,260 schools in Morocco opt for remote learning

About one million Moroccan students of 2,265 schools have chosen this year remote learning to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, said Education Minister Saïd Amzazi.

In his presentation made during latest Govt’s Council meeting, the minister said 118 schools were closed after 413 students, 807 teachers, 129 administrative staff and 79 civil servants tested positive for Covid-19.

Despite the current health challenges, over 8.7 million Moroccan students, including 776,409 newly enrolled in primary schools, have started their schooling this academic year 2020-2021, added Mr. Amzazi, noting that the number of children enrolled in preschool education increased this year to more than 910,000 children.

This year, 179 new schools, including community schools and boarding schools opened doors in various regions of the Kingdom, said the minister.
In vocational training, 282,730 new trainees have enrolled to acquire professional skills in various sectors, said the minister noting that 17 new centers and 8 boarding schools have been built to accommodate the trainees.

In higher education, over 1.7 million university students, including 296,000 new ones pursue this year their academic studies, stressed the minister.

During the covid-19 lockdown, schooling continued online in Morocco where over half million primary and secondary schools students used daily TelmidTICE website, which offers 3000 courses covering a wide variety of subjects including science, mathematics…

Even students living in rural zones were able to continue their education through local TV channels “Athaqafia” and “Laayoune TV” which broadcast daily courses for pupils and students of various levels including the baccalaureate curriculum.


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