Morocco tightens anti- Covid-19 measures in big cities

Morocco tightens anti- Covid-19 measures in big cities

After many neighborhoods were locked down in big cities, Moroccan authorities closed some beaches in Sale near Rabat where vacationers do not abide by protective measures.

Tangier beaches also remain closed as the city is one of the most infected by the virus in the country.

Tangier together with seven other cities including economic powerhouses Casablanca, Fez and Marrakech have been locked down by authorities with entries and exits conditioned upon a permit.

Across Morocco, authorities have stepped up campaigns to ensure compliance with anti-coronavirus measures, such as wearing facemasks and respecting social distancing.

Morocco is struggling with a steep rise in Covid-19 infections which in Saturday hit a record of 1776.

By Sunday, total coronavirus cases rose to 42489, including 658 deaths and 29344 recoveries.

The Moroccan economy is expected to contract 5.2 this year due to the virus, which hit the vital tourism sector.

Morocco maintains ban on international flights save special flights open to Moroccan nationals and foreign residents.

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