Eid mobility stirs Coronavirus fears in Morocco

The coronavirus outbreak has taken a dangerous turn in Morocco with fears that the fight against the virus may lead to restoring a general lockdown after a surge in cases.

Eight big cities have already been closed to traffic to prevent mobility, which more than doubles during the Eid holidays as people travel to the countryside and other cities.

Despite the travel ban, cases rose by 1063 on the day of EId and later by about 600 and 500 in the two following days.

A truck carrying 34 people near Beni Mellal was intercepted by the police. Its driver did not obtain a special permit and the passengers had to be tested. Five tests turned up positive in a case that reflects the risk of infection in the country, according to digital news outlet le360.ma.

Authorities, according to local media, are concerned the end of the Eid holiday may cause another wave of mobility that is detrimental to the fight against the virus.

Check points have been set up in the entrances/exists of cities to monitor the situation.

Many hospitals in Tangier and Casablanca are already on the edge of saturation as health authorities prepare to opt for treating infected people in their homes.

On Sunday, total coronavirus cases rose to 25,535 including 382 deaths and 18,435 recoveries.

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