Morocco’s Police seize over 4.8 tons of cannabis & 6 kg of cocaine

Morocco’s Police seize over 4.8 tons of cannabis & 6 kg of cocaine

Moroccan security services have seized 4.85 tons of cannabis and 6 kg of cocaine in separate anti-drug operations carried out lately in various cities of the Kingdom.

Over the weekend, the police of Agadir intercepted a transport vehicle at the entrance of the city of Ait Melloul carrying 2.34 tons of cannabis. They also intercepted another vehicle in the same region transporting 1.74 ton of the illicit substance during the same period.

The authorities seized the narcotics, some cash and mobile phones used in these smuggling attempts. The drivers were arrested.

Other major drug’s bust operations carried by Moroccan cops in the cities of Marrakech, Rabat and Tangiers led to the seizure of six kg of cocaine and arrest of 4 people, including a French national of Moroccan origin as well as a woman and two convicted offenders.

On Saturday, the police captured separately three dealers who were driving three rental cars, just after the delivery of five kg of cocaine to an accomplice who managed to flee after abandoning the drug. However, he was nabbed in the Tamesna region (near Rabat) in his car in possession of one kg of cocaine.

The police investigation leads the detectives to the Northern city of Tangiers wherein they seized over $100,000 in cash, several mobile phones and another car, bringing the total of vehicles seized to six.

The probe is still underway with all arrested people involved in these drug smuggling operations under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor’s office to identify, track down and prosecute all the masterminds of these criminal activities.

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