Tunisia to host 8th TICAD Africa conference in 2022

Tunisia to host 8th TICAD Africa conference in 2022

Tunisia has been chosen to host the 8th Tokyo International Conference on African Development, TICAD, scheduled for 2022, Japan’s embassy to Tunisia announced on Thursday.

“Initiated by Japan’s government since 1993, this international conference aims to speed up political dialogues between African leaders and development partners on challenges facing the Continent.

It is a multi-lateral forum that gathers Japan and African countries, international organizations, development partner countries, private enterprises and civil society associations involved in the development of Africa,” the embassy pointed out.

TICAD 8, which will lay emphasis on the consolidation of private investment, features a business forum to be held concurrently with government meetings.
The health sector and post-COVID economic recovery for African countries is also on the agenda of TICAD 8, as the pandemic has revealed the vulnerability of Africa, particularly in the medical and health sectors.

“Japan will continue through TICAD 8 to provide strong support for the development of Africa, the largest promising area of the 21st century, but which is also facing various challenges such as conflicts and poverty,” the embassy said, adding that this is an excellent time to mark the beginning of the implementation of the sustainable development program for 2030 and the 2063 agenda.

Tunisia is the 2nd African country to host this event after Kenya in 2016.
The latest TICAD meeting was held in Yokohama, south of Tokyo, in August 2019.

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