Spanish Congress of Deputies approves donation of Tangier Cervantes Grand Theatre to Morocco

The Spanish congress of Deputies (lower house of Parliament) gave its green light on Wednesday to an agreement for the irrevocable donation of the Tangier Cervantes Grand Theatre to Morocco.

Under this agreement, adopted in February by the Spanish Council of ministers, Morocco undertakes to restore the building in its entirety, while respecting the original architecture, both of the façade and the interior, and preserving the original design of the theatre.

The transferred property of the “Cervantes Grand Theatre” will be part of the “Private Domain of the Moroccan State” and can in no case be transferred to a third party. This transfer has been materialized by a protocol, which, by its form and content, constitutes an international agreement.

Morocco undertakes to bear the full cost of restoration, renovation, management and maintenance and to keep the name “Cervantes Grand Theatre” and to preserve its symbolism and history.

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