Hundreds of stranded Moroccans returning home on Moroccan charter flights

Hundreds of stranded Moroccans returning home on Moroccan charter flights

A growing number of Moroccan nationals, who were stranded overseas due to the covid-19 global lockdown, are returning to their homeland aboard flag-carrier Royal Air Maroc, mobilized by the authorities to bring back all Moroccan travelers who were struggling to get home.

On Tuesday, a total of 313 Moroccan passengers, who were stuck in Turkey with their children, sighed a relief when their plane touched down at the Tetouan airport, Northern Morocco.

They were flown home on three charter flights from Istanbul. They were selected on humanitarian grounds by the consular missions after checking their legal status and backgrounds.

After they returned to Morocco safe and sound, all travelers were taken to hotels where they received intensive screening and were quarantined in accordance to health regulations and WHO guidelines.

Hundreds of stranded Moroccan travelers had already been airlifted from Algerian cities of Oran, Algiers, Sidi Bel Abess as well as from Sebta, Mellilia, Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga and Las Palmas.

The repatriation flights are increasing daily and will expand in the few coming days to include other countries in Europe, the Gulf region and Africa with the gradual reopening of international borders.

On arrivals, all Moroccan travelers brought home received covid-19 screening and will be quarantined for 9 days in order to ensure they are virus free and protect their siblings & entourage.

Over 6850 Moroccans stranded abroad were offered accommodation by Moroccan embassies, which provided them medical & legal assistance and paid medical fees in some emergency cases.

Moroccan diplomatic representations also helped to extend their expired visas. The total number of Moroccans stranded abroad is estimated at over 30,000 people.

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