King Mohammed VI undergoes successful heart operation in Rabat

King Mohammed VI of Morocco underwent a successful operation on Sunday June 14 following a recurrent heart rhythm disorder, the King’s medical team said in a statement.

King Mohammed VI successfully underwent an intervention on Sunday June 14 at the clinic of the Royal Palace in Rabat, said the statement of the medical team composed of Dr Abdelaziz Maouni, Dr Olivier Thomas, Dr Olivier Dubourg, Dr Ali Chaib, and Dr Lahcen Belyaman.

King Mohammed VI presented a recurrence of the heart rhythm disorder of atrial flutter type on a healthy heart, the statement said.

“The Monarch’s doctors recommended an additional radiofrequency ablation, which took place this Sunday, June 14, at the clinic of the Royal Palace in Rabat,” the statement said, adding that “the intervention was a complete success, like the previous one carried out on February 26, 2018 in Paris, with restoration of the normal heart rhythm.”

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