Moroccan-made intubation ventilator in final clinical trials

Moroccan-made intubation ventilator in final clinical trials

A new version of ventilators enabling intubation developed by a group of Moroccan aeronautical parts manufacturers is undergoing the final phase of clinical trials before being cleared for use at hospitals.

The new version, spurred by the industry ministry, integrates advanced technological solutions to allow invasive respiration and is under examination by two laboratories: CERIMME and CETIE.

Last month, sugar company Cosumar sponsored a ventilator made by a group of scientists from the foundation for research development and innovation (FRDSI) dubbed SIRCOS.

The new respiration device offers multiple artificial respiration modes that meet the safety requirements for use in intensive care units, the inventors said.

The ventilator will enter the stage of industrial production and will be commercialized by a Moroccan company.

Recently, a Moroccan scientific research group, Mascir, received green light from the armed forces and Pasteur institute to produce coronavirus testing kit made 100% in Morocco.

Mascir said it targets at a first phase the production of 10,000 testing kits this month. Morocco has increased its testing capacity to 14,000 daily with over 270,000 people tested so far including 8000 confirmed cases.

Securing self-sufficiency in ventilators is part of Morocco’s plan to increase its intensive care capacity to 3000 beds from 1500 in March.

The country has encouraged local manufacturers to switch production to securing Morocco’s self-sufficiency in anti-coronavirus equipment including sanitizers, protective gear such as masks, clothing and face shields.

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