Beninese President’s parties took 77% of seats in communal elections

The provisional results of May 17 communal elections in Benin announced by the Electoral Commission in the early hours of Thursday show that the Progressive Union and the Republican Bloc, the two parties of the Head of State, Patrice Talon, took 77% of the 1,815 seats at stake, i.e. 1,555 seats.

‘‘La Force Cauris pour un Bénin nouveau” (FCBE), Thomas Boni Yayi’s former party, gleaned only 260 seats, about 15% of the vote.

In these communal elections, Adrien Houngbedji’s Party for Democratic Renewal, PRD, suffered its biggest setback since 1991. Zero councilors for the rainbow party with only 5% of the votes.

In response to the taunts, the party’s delegate for communication pointed out that “the rainbow fades, but never disappears”.

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