COVID-19: Al Mada Foundation launches second solidarity operation

COVID-19: Al Mada Foundation launches second solidarity operation

Al Mada Foundation has launched Wednesday another COVID-19 solidarity operation to assist needy households during the holy month of Ramadan.

This second phase of the Foundation’s COVID-19 Solidarity operation consists of 1,778 tons of foodstuffs and hygiene products, worth more than 22 million dirhams. It will benefit 50,000 households or approximately 250,000 people.

The 50,000 baskets of foodstuffs and hygiene products will be distributed to beneficiary households by local authorities in each region of the Kingdom. This operation was made possible thanks to logistical support from the Marjane Group.

“Through this action, Al Mada Foundation, faithful to its primary commitments and its raison d’être, contributes to the collective effort and the national solidarity chain set up to fight the pandemic,” said the foundation in a press release.

Under the first solidarity operation, Al Mada donated 1 million FFP2 masks, worth tens of millions of dirhams, to the medical staff and health workers who take care of patients infected with the new coronavirus.

Al Mada Foundation is active in the fields of culture and education and supports businesses in their innovation efforts, translating its values on the ground through commitment to supporting the needy in the long run.

Al Mada Board of Directors had, on the proposal of its main shareholder, donated more than $200 million to the special fund dedicated to the management of the Coronavirus pandemic in Morocco.

The special fund, designed to cover coronavirus-related health costs and support sectors vulnerable to shocks induced by the Coronavirus crisis, had been created on March 16 at the instructions of King Mohammed VI.

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