Morocco defends multilateralism in countering COVID at NAM summit

Morocco defends multilateralism in countering COVID at NAM summit

Morocco reiterated its call on the members of the Non Aligned Movement to promote multilateralism particularly at a context humanity is struggling against the coronavirus pandemic.


The call was launched by Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita when addressing, via videoconference, the summit of the Non Aligned Movement contact group.

Bourita recalled the contents of an address by King Mohammed VI to NAM in 2006 in which he cited the need for global cooperation to counter a set of major threats including armed conflicts and pandemics.

The vaccine should be generalized to all humanity at affordable costs as soon as it becomes available, said Bourita. “This is an issue that NAM should defend.”

Effort should be directed globally to avert the spread of the virus while addressing the social and economic consequences created by the lockdown.

Special attention should be paid to the pandemic in Africa where 85.5% of all workers operate in the vulnerable informal sector, he said, calling on the African Union to mobilize funding to alleviate the debt burden on African countries.

Domestically, Morocco, under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, adopted a comprehensive anti-coronavirus plan based on solidarity, pro-activeness, prevention and extending help to the most vulnerable groups, the Foreign Minister recalled.

Significant measures have been taken to rapidly upgrade health infrastructure and attenuate the impact of the confinement on the economic activity, he said, adding that Morocco was one of the first countries globally to decree an international flight ban.

Over 3.5 billion dollars have been mobilized by generous donations from firms and individuals to a special fund to counter the virus’ economic and social repercussions, he said. This enabled financial assistance to 5.1 million families.

The national industrial fabric has also responded positively transforming production lines to produce protective gear and masks, Bourita said.

At the continental level, King Mohammed VI has launched an initiative in order to create an operational framework to cooperate with African countries in the fight against the pandemic.

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