Covid-19: Morocco’s health workers get US protective equipment

Covid-19: Morocco’s health workers get US protective equipment

US Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) has donated personal protective equipment to lab technicians of Moroccan National Institute of Hygiene to enhance their protection against coronavirus pandemic.

“This equipment goes directly to safeguarding the lives of Morocco’s healthcare workers who are on the front lines in the fight against the novel coronavirus, helping them to continue testing and screening for COVID-19 with sufficient protections in place”, said a press release issued Tuesday by the US embassy in Rabat.

“This equipment transfer is part of over seven years of close cooperation between DTRA and the Government of Morocco. This partnership’s focus is on saving lives and mitigating threats to ensure the national security for both of our countries”, added the US statement.

US Ambassador to Morocco David Fischer said the DTRA grant is another concrete example of the mutual benefits of the US-Morocco relationship.

“We are about investing in institutions, and in people – in the capacity of Moroccans to serve their country and their fellow citizens. At times of crisis like this, we can all be proud of the deep and long-standing relationship that makes this kind of cooperation possible,” he stressed

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