French media echoes Morocco’s pro-active anti-Covid measures

The forward-looking protective measures taken by Morocco to counter the coronavirus outbreak along with the mobilization of the industrial fabric to supply citizens with masks were commended by different French media, which asked Paris government to follow suit.

BFM TV pointed to the solidarity campaign and generous contributions of Moroccan companies and citizens to the anti-Covid fund, which now has gathered 3.2 billion euros, representing 2.6% of Morocco’s GDP.

“Dozens of companies are producing disposable and reusable masks to supply the domestic market and for exports as well,” the French TV said, noting that aeronautical part producers are making ventilators, vital for saving Covid patients lives.

“In 15 days, the Moroccan army deployed three field hospitals raising intensive care beds from 1500 to 4000,” it said.

Widely read Le Point, for its part, sheds light in an op-ed signed by Thomas Lesueur on Morocco’s success to combine its human, financial, technological and industrial resources in the face of the coronavirus.

Morocco also showed leadership in adopting a treatment protocol for Covid cases on the basis of chloroquine produced locally by Sanofi, the author of the op-ed recalled.

He said Morocco is setting the example by taking measures at the right time to prevent contagion, citing the example of making the wearing of facemasks mandatory at a time where many countries in Europe still drag their feet on the decision.

Le Canard Enchainé had also highlighted the different measures taken by Morocco to contain the virus, noting that France has to learn lessons from “Morocco’s industrial mobilization.”

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