Sheikh Tamin pledges Algeria help in covid-19 pandemic

Sheikh Tamin pledges Algeria help in covid-19 pandemic

Qatar Emir, Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani, has pledged the Gulf country’s help to Algeria in the fight against novel covid-19 that has infected 2,629 people and killed 375.

Qatar’s ruler called the Algerian President to inquire about developments in the North African country over the pandemic which has deeply affected the gas and oil-rich country also facing economic hardship owing to oil price crash.

Sheikh Tamin promised Qatar’s support to help overcome the pandemic, a statement from the Algerian presidency said.

Algeria is one of the hard hit countries in the Arab world where the disease is still spreading despite a global slowdown. Algeria Sunday confirmed 2,629 cases and 375 deaths caused by covid-19.

Qatar sent earlier this month two field hospitals to Italy; the worst hit country in Europe.

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