Morocco posts 3% increase in agricultural exports despite coronavirus

Despite the measures imposed to slow the spread of the coronavirus, the Moroccan agricultural sector is faring well with an abundant supply of the domestic market and exports of fruits and vegetables up 3% to 876,000 tons by mid-April compared with a year earlier, the agriculture ministry said.

The increasing demand in Europe due to lack of workers helped Morocco boost its exports notably of red fruits to 68,400 tons jumping 27% compared with the same period last year.

Melons exports followed the same upwards trend rising 18% to 11,900 tons of sales from 5,900 last year. However, sales of oranges dropped 30% due to unfavorable climate conditions.

Fisheries exports increased 3% to stand at 496,400 tons during the same period.

The agriculture ministry also reassured that the domestic production of fruits and vegetables cover Morocco’s needs during Ramadan and beyond.

As for milk and meat, Morocco largely covers all its needs. An exception is wheat output, which is expected to be slashed this year due to poor rainfall pushing the country to import more.

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