Covid-19: Jack Lang, French Media Commend Moroccan King’s Swift Actions against Pandemic

President of the Arab World Institute (IMA) Jack Lang has hailed the swift actions taken by King Mohammed VI to prevent the spread of Coronavirus pandemic.

In a message addressed Wednesday to Mehdi Qotbi, president of the National Foundation of Museums of Morocco, Mr. Jack Lang said King Mohammed VI will be remembered forever in the annals of history for his quick and firm actions against Covid-19.

“Your Sovereign reacted quickly and the authorities lived up to the expectations of Moroccans”, he stressed in his message.

“It is s true that King Mohammed VI reacted quickly to contain Coronavirus pandemic with the appearance of the first confirmed cases long before covid-19 turns into global health crisis”, said Mr. Qotbi in response to Jack Lang.

The measures taken, under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, to contain the virus show once again that Moroccans are capable of bringing out their best when the worst befalls.

Moroccan King’s swift response and comprehensive socioeconomic relief measures taken to mitigate the fallout of covid-19 were hailed worldwide.

According to Spanish El Pais daily, Morocco topped the list of countries to quickly introduce tightened measures, including the lockdown. The combined exceptional precautionary and relief measures adopted by Morocco make all the difference for those cooped up in their homes to protect themselves, their families, entourage and society.

Morocco “can be a model for many European countries” thanks to its fast covid-19 response package, said on Thursday French website “”.

To protect Moroccan people from coronavirus infection, the authorities continue to supply market with masks and advanced test kits in addition to the social and economic aid package to alleviate the impacts of the pandemic on SMEs, low-income workers, and poor families.

These measures are “unique in Africa”, said the French news outlet, hailing Morocco’s decision to close schools and universities on 16 March and enforce lockdown 4 days later.

Moroccan factories backed the country’s response efforts by churning out facemasks daily production to 4 million. Wearing these masks has become mandatory starting April 7 in the North African country where the authorities have made them available at an affordable price, underlined the French MyEurop outlet, noting that Morocco will launch shortly mass testing after receiving 200,000 test kits from South Korea.

“What makes Morocco unique and even exemplary in the Maghreb and throughout Africa are the support measures deployed to cope with economic and social consequences of Covid 19”, said Daniel Vigneron, co-founder and director of the french news website.

The former editor-in-chief of La Tribune daily recalled in this regard decision of the Moroccan Monarch to set up a special Covid-19 fund, which has collected more than €3 billion in donations from public and private companies.

He also explained that the collected funds will be used to help companies overcome these difficult circumstances by granting them additional loans, waiving mortgage payments to people affected by coronavirus, and paying to workers, who are affiliated with the social security fund (CNSS) and who lost their job after the lockdown, a $200 monthly allowance until June.

Workers of the informal sector are also being assisted with monthly allowances ranging from $80 to $120, according to the size of their families.

Meanwhile, hundreds of French nationals took to social media to express their admiration for Morocco’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Many said they have been impressed by the Moroccan government’s efforts to boost domestic production of face masks and enforce their use in public space, making comparisons with the moves made in France and highlighting the superiority of Morocco’s measures.

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