Covid-19: UNFPA Donates Hygiene Kits to Support Morocco’s Response

Covid-19: UNFPA Donates Hygiene Kits to Support Morocco’s Response

The UNFPA has launched prevention and hygiene kits to support the Moroccan government’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic, which has so far killed 37 people in the country and infected 654, while 26 others recovered.

To protect the most vulnerable people to several or fatal covid-19 infection in rural and urban areas, UN population agency and Moroccan authorities will supply, in a first phase, “Salama Kits” to pregnant women and health professionals, especially midwives.

Later on, the kits will be given to women victims of violence, migrants, inmates (especially pregnant women), people with disabilities and the elderly.

The move has been launched in close coordination with the Moroccan Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Solidarity & Social development, the Penitentiary Administration, National Association of Midwives, family planning association, the African Organization for the Fight against AIDS (OPALS), Anaruz Network, Initiatives for the Protection of Women’s Rights and Y-PEER Association.

Nationwide awareness campaigns through TV, radio, social media…will also be launched to protect older people and pregnant women who are particularly at higher risk for severe illness from Covid-19 due to the weakening of their immune system.

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