Libya: GNA forces seize vessel carrying illegal aviation fuel to Haftar

Volcano of Rage Operation, the navy forces aligned with UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA), have seized a vessel flying Liberia flag, on its way to deliver illegal aviation fuel to rebel Gen. Khalifa Haftar, few days after the National Oil Corporation (NOC) accused the UAE for smuggling aviation fuel to the east-based commander.

Colonel Rida Issa, commander of the forces, indicated that the vessel called “Gulf Petroleum 4” was seized on Sunday evening, Libya Observer reports.

Issa also stressed that findings will be released as soon as the investigations are over.

The seizure came few days after the NOC, the only Libyan entity in charge of the Libyan oil, said a ship hailed from the UAE docked in Benghazi for delivery of aviation fuel.

The NOC said it informed the GNA, the UN and several other countries of the aviation fuel shipment.

A western diplomat stationed in the oil-rich country said the import of fuel to Benghazi would break UN arm embargo imposed on the country since 2011.
Haftar since April last year has launched a military offensive against the GNA in view of capturing the Libyan capital Tripoli.

The UAE, Egypt, Russia, France, Saudi Arabia and Jordan back Haftar in his offensive while Turkey, Qatar and Italy has thrown their support being the GNA.

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