COVID-19: Morocco’s health emergency to last until April 20

COVID-19: Morocco’s health emergency to last until April 20

The health emergency declared across Morocco to limit the spread of the coronavirus will last from March 20 to April 20, the government council said in a statement.

The council approved draft laws governing the quarantine period including sanctions against those who violate the precautionary measures laid down by authorities to curb infections with the new disease.

Those who disobey the protective measures during the quarantine period will face jail terms from one to three months and fines from 300 to 1300 dirhams.

Moroccan local authorities, security services, backed by elements of the Royal Armed Forces, have been patrolling streets and closely monitoring movement, which are only allowed upon authorizations.

Morocco declared health emergency and banned all movements except for buying foodstuff or medicine or going to work. Only supermarkets and shops selling food, pharmacies, banks and other critical business remain open.

The Interior ministry also ordered open shops during the quarantine period to close every day at 6 p.m.

Check points have been set up in cities and travel between cities was also banned to fight the virus.

Total coronavirus cases in Morocco reached 115 by Sunday evening including four deaths.

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