King’s African migration leadership commended by Western Mediterranean countries

The leadership in Africa of King Mohammed VI, who is in charge of migration was highlighted at a meeting of Western Mediterranean countries in Marrakech (5+5).

The King received the leadership following the success of Morocco’s migration policy, which was commended as ground breaking in the continent, Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita told participants.

The 8th Ministerial Conference of the 5+5 dialogue on Migration and development, held in Marrakesh March 1-2, centered on migration policies, regular migration and development, integration of migrants and the fight against illegal migration.

The King led actions to debunk myths surrounding migration as part of his efforts within the African migration agenda and contributed to invalidating stereotypes about African migrants, Bourita said.

In his latest report to the African Union, the Moroccan Monarch drew attention on the characteristics of migration in Africa, which takes place primarily within the continent largely dwarfing migration to Europe as stereotypes tend to portray.

Understanding migration characteristics and trends in Africa requires an African Observatory which the King called for its setting up in the African Migration Agenda.

The Observatory, hosted in Morocco, will act as a regional data gathering, analysis and information exchange platform that will equip Africa with an instrument to promote coordination between African countries on migration issues.

Morocco is also pushing for a multi-dimensional approach that breaks away with the exclusively security approach to the issue while encouraging a bi-continental commitment.

“Morocco ambitions that the 5+5 group acts as a lever for such an effort and becomes the driving force in favor of migration,” Bourita said.

Bourita reiterated Morocco’s call for migration policies that promote regular migration including seasonal migrations and to coordinate actions against the root causes of forced migration.

He also urged establishing an inter-connection between the already existing migration observatories or centers in order to promote data collection and sharing.

There is also a need for a regional cooperation on migration on the basis of a political consensus between countries in the Western Mediterranean, he said.

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