Women’s Empowerment: US President Hails Morocco’s Exceptional Efforts

President of the United States, Donald Trump, has said that Morocco stands out as “one of the most distinguished models” of the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative.

“Morocco is one of the most distinguished models of the Women’s Global Development & Prosperity Initiative (W-GDP)”, President Donald Trump said, in a message made public on the first anniversary of W-GDP, launched in February 2019.

President Trump highlighted the exceptional efforts made by Morocco to empower women and the legal reforms adopted by the Kingdom regarding the structure and administration of communal lands, to promote women’s economic independence and restore their rights to land and property.

President Trump also hailed the efforts made by Côte d’Ivoire in this regard.

The W-GDP initiative was launched by the White House as part of comprehensive efforts initiated by the various sectors of the US Administration, with the aim of advancing and promoting the empowerment of women in economic matters.

Advisor to the US President, Ms. Ivanka Trump brought up the W-GDP initiative during her participation in the Global Women’s Forum 2020, held in Dubai Feb. 16-17, pointing out that the initiative, which aims to reach 50 million women worldwide by 2025, has reached, in just one year since its launch, around 12 million women worldwide.

She seized the opportunity to commend Morocco, which, she said, had succeeded in implementing significant and bold legal reforms in this context. These reforms have served the interests of women and further consolidated their empowerment in the Kingdom, she said.

Since her visit to Morocco in November 2019 to promote the W-GDP Initiative, Ivanka Trump published several tweets commending Morocco’s commitment to advancing women rights through improving their access to land ownership
Morocco is one of two African countries (the other is Côte d’Ivoire) that have made significant progress in the first year of the W-GDP, she said in one of her tweets.

“We commend these governments for carrying out these important and bold reforms,” she said.

Some 90 countries around the world still have laws that limit women’s access to the same job opportunities as men. It is in this context that W-GDP aims to impact the empowerment of women in the world of work through innovative programs and projects based on the three pillars of this initiative, namely: “The fulfillment of women in the workplace”;“ the success of women as entrepreneurs”; and “the empowerment of women in the economy”.

In his message, President Trump said that the United States stands ready, as the W-GDP celebrates its first anniversary, “to work with each country driven by the will to remedy discriminatory laws and regulations that prevent women in their tracks and hinder economic progress for all.”

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