US Media Underscores Morocco’s Central Role in African-American Relations

US media, The Hill, shed light in a detailed article on the central role played by Morocco in African-American relations citing notably the convergence of views between the two countries on a set of regional and security issues, including the Iranian threat.

“The US is looking to Sudan and Morocco as key partners in the effort to counter Tehran, part of a larger American and Middle East alliance led by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia,” the author of the article, Laura Kelly, wrote.

The article, citing experts, went on to highlight Morocco’s growing influence on the continent saying that the Kingdom’s return to the African Union was “a strategic decision.” The North African country really sees Africa as its future market and has been working hard across the continent to develop strong relations.

Morocco has backed the US in its measures to contain Iran. The North African Kingdom severed ties with Iran in mid-2018, accusing it of extending military backing to the Algerian-backed Polisario separatists through its proxy Hezbollah.


The article came amid reports of a possible US establishment of a consulate in the Sahara region in exchange for Morocco re-establishing ties with Israel. No official confirmation has been made in Morocco or elsewhere, however.

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