AU: 2nd Report of King Mohammed VI on Setting up African Migration Observatory in Morocco

Head of Govt. Saad Eddine El Othmani presented, on Monday at the 33rd African Union Summit hosted by Addis Ababa, the 2nd report elaborated by King Mohammed VI on the setting up of the African Migration Observatory in Morocco.

In this report, King Mohammed VI, AU leader on migration issues, views migration as a driver of development, said Mr. El Othmani, noting that the document offers a deep diagnosis of the issue of migration in Africa, highlights the key role of the African Migration Observatory and stresses the need to put Africa at the heart of the implementation of the Marrakesh Global Compact on Migration.

The royal report underlines the importance of the African Migration Observatory to deliver reliable and accurate data on migration that will help in elaborating clear, effective and realistic policies, said the Head of Govt.

The Observatory will monitor the implementation of the Marrakesh global compact and highlight the positive aspects of migration by encouraging regular migration and protecting the rights of migrants, he added.

Morocco has offered AU a modern building in Rabat to host the African Migration Observatory, which will be officially inaugurated in coordination with the AU Commission after the adoption of its internal rules and regulations by the Addis Ababa summiteers, says the report.

Regarding the Marrakesh Global Compact on Migration, the document proposes a roadmap based on clear & efficient African national policies, inter-regional coordination, focus on migration as a driver of community development and a responsible international partnership facilitating migration, a peaceful and regular movement of people, said Mr. El Othmani.

The King will put emphasis on young people during his mandate as an African leader on migration issues and will draw up migration policies seeking social integration of migrants and the protection of their rights in order to offer these young people new opportunities and encourage them to stay in their countries of origin, he underlined.

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