Gabon on way to open consulate in Morocco’s Sahara

On the footsteps of Comoros and Gambia, Gabon is the next African state to take its support for Morocco’s territorial integrity to the level of opening a consular representation in the Sahara region.

Moroccan news portal relayed the news, which may further irk the Algerian regime and its puppet the Polisario militia who have protested in vain against the move by Comoros and Gambia.

A diplomatic source told the media that other African countries may follow suit in another blow to the separatists who have been unsettled by Morocco’s return to the African union and the growing support for Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara.

Morocco’s return to its African institutional family, the African Union, has served it as a bulwark against the Algerian clan, which has for long used the continental organization to promote separatism in the Sahara.

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