Morocco set to secure water needs for upcoming generations

Morocco set to secure water needs for upcoming generations

King Mohammed VI is spearheading efforts to safeguard water supply in Morocco through following up a national program in that respect covering 2020-2027 period.

To that end, the King chaired a new meeting attended by ministers and top advisors to review the measures taken to ensure regular water supply in the country and address challenges relating to water stress.

The Monarch was briefed by the cabinet on the latest developments concerning a drinking water priority program covering 2020-2027.

During the meeting, water and interior ministers, overviewed the various components of the program citing notably the efforts made to secure water supply through dam construction, water management in the agricultural sector, water supply in rural areas and wastewater treatment for irrigation purposes as well as rationalization of water consumption.

Morocco is expected to tender this year for a project with a capacity of 1.35 billion cubic meters of water that will meet the needs of Tangier and Oujda.

Since his accession to the throne in 1999, King Mohammed VI has consolidated the policy led by late King Hassan II to provide the Kingdom with water infrastructure through dams of different sizes.

Morocco also plans to build 20 large dams across the country with a capacity of 5.38 billion m3, which will help reach an overall retention capacity of about 25.3 billion cubic meters.

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