Morocco: House of Representatives Takes Action against Absentees

The Moroccan House of Representatives has published the names of thirteen MPs who skip most parliamentary meetings without providing a valid reason and decided to make a cut in their salary, according to local press reports.

The MPs of the Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM) top the list of the absentees followed by those of the Istiqlal party (oldest political formation in the country) and one deputy from the Constitutional Union.

King Mohammed VI had called on MPs and politicians to show a sense of responsibility and draft a code of ethics with a legal basis, making sure it promotes civic values, public interest, responsibility, integrity and commitment to full, effective participation in Parliament work.

The Sovereign had also criticized the behavior of some politicians who only seek to serve their personal interests and the practices of some political parties, which fail to democratize their own institutions. These behaviors are often blamed for the public’s lack of interest in politics and boycott of elections.

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