Libya: GNA celebrates capture of Haftar’s key General, downing of jet

UN-backed Government of National Accord, GNA, announced Saturday it captured a top military aid of rival army of General Khalifa Haftar after its forces downed a fighter jet belonging to the east-based military commander.

On facebook, Volcano of Rage Operation forces aligned with the GNA, indicated that it captured Amer Jagem, Major-General and commander of Haftar-controlled Watiya airbase south of Tripoli.

Amer was flying a military jet when the GNA forces hit the aircraft forcing Haftar’s aid to eject. His assistant in the jet died as it crashed on the ground.

The GNA in a statement hailed the downing adding that it would “continue to develop its military capacities” and that its air defense forces had “shot down a plane belonging to the brutal aggression, which has continuously bombed residential areas and civilian facilities and airports”.

GNA’s rival administration in the east called the UN to ensure that he is treated as a prisoner of war according to international conventions, reports say.

Haftar launched in April a surprised military offensive to seize the Libyan capital from the GNA that it accused of housing terrorist and criminal groups.

The offensive has killed hundreds of people and caused the displacement of over 100,000 people.

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