Death of Colombian drug baron exposes Polisario’s ties to international drug trafficking gangs

The death of Iván Roberto Duque, aka Ernesto Baez, a Colombian warlord with links to drug trafficking networks, exposed deals between the Polisario separatist group and drug barons in Medellin worth millions of dollars.

After the passing away of Ernesto Baez, some of his companions could finally freely express their minds. A relative of Baez said that the deceased warlord kept regular contact with Polisario members in Latin America.

Media reports point to a connivance between the Polisario and Colombian gangs as well as the involvement of the Algerian-separatist militia in trans-continental drug trafficking from the Sahel to Europe.

Morocco and independent analysts have sounded the alarm years ago, drawing the international community’s attention to the Polisario’s schemes to expand their smuggling operations to the lucrative drug trafficking and to the interconnection between drug trafficking and terrorism.

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