Algerian Presidential candidates wants open borders with Morocco

Algerian Presidential candidate Ali Benflis spoke positively of the need to open the borders with Morocco as part of his vision for neighborliness.

“Moroccans are our brothers and neighbors,” the Algerian politician told Algerian El Bilad TV channel. “Algerians are neither enemies of Moroccans or adversaries of the Moroccan people.”

“We need to come closer to our Moroccan and Tunisian friends,” the former PM said, adding that there should be dialogue with Morocco on all “controversial issues.”

King Mohammed VI has adopted an outstretched arm policy calling on multiple occasions for opening the Morocco-Algeria borders and setting up a joint committee to look at all issues relating to bilateral relations.

Normalizing ties with Morocco is increasingly becoming a demand of pro-democracy political figures in Algeria since popular protests prompted ailing President Bouteflika to resign leaving the army in full command of the oil and gas rich country.

Ammar Saadani, former Secretary General of Algeria’s all-powerful political party, the FLN, whose leaders ruled the country since independence, unveiled the disenchantment among Algeria’s political elite with regards to Algiers hostile policy towards Morocco’s territorial integrity, saying that the Sahara has always been Moroccan and that Algeria should stop dilapidating its resources on the separatist polisario militias.

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