Morocco celebrates growing international support for its territorial integrity

Morocco celebrates growing international support for its territorial integrity

Since the end of the cold-war, support for the legitimate historical rights of Morocco to its territorial integrity and sovereignty over the Saharan provinces has been on the rise.

As Morocco celebrates the 44th anniversary of the Green March following which the country retrieved its southern territories from Spain, King Mohammed VI highlighted in a speech that more than 163 countries, the bulk majority of UN member states, do not recognize the fictitious entity.

The growing international support for the Moroccanness of the Sahara has also been confirmed by the partnerships and agreements covering the Sahara, which have been signed by Morocco with influential powers and many countries and sister nations, the King said.

Meanwhile, the King made it clear that “Morocco will continue to work honestly and in good faith to achieve a political, realistic, practical and consensual solution based exclusively on the political approach adopted by the United Nations Organization and the relevant Security Council resolutions. “

Morocco scored recently precious foreign policy goals after a UN Security Council resolution renewed the mandate of the UN mission in Sahara (MINURSO) for another year and invited all parties to the conflict including Algeria to show compromise to reach a realistic solution.

“The Autonomy Initiative provides for that solution, given that it is not only serious and credible, but also rooted in sound principles,” the King said.

“It is the only way forward towards a settlement guaranteeing full respect for the Kingdom’s national unity and territorial integrity,” he said.

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