Moroccan diplomacy underscores attachment to multilateralism

Moroccan diplomacy underscores attachment to multilateralism

Moroccan diplomacy is deeply attached to a rules-based international order where multilateralism is key, said Minister in charge of African cooperation Mohcine Jazouli.

The Kingdom continues to adhere to the founding principles of the Non-Aligned Movement for an international system permeated by solidarity, justice and multilateralism, Jazouli said at the Non-Aligned Movement summit in Baku, Azerbaijan.

He said the Non-Aligned movement, as the second largest international grouping after the UN, should find new approaches in order to come up with collective responses to current challenges, adding that the principles of the movement are still relevant in a multipolar world.

Jazouli also recalled the need to uphold the principles of Bandung, on top of which territorial integrity and national sovereignty of member states.

The efforts led by the UN to relaunch talks towards a lasting, political and realistic solution of the Sahara issue were also highlighted by the Moroccan minister.

Towards that end, Morocco submitted in 2007 to the UN an autonomy initiative for the Sahara, which was repeatedly described by the international community and the UN Security Council resolutions as “serious and credible.”

Morocco welcomes the fact that the Non-Aligned Movement “supports this new dynamic initiated by two Security Council Resolutions, namely Resolutions 2440 and 2468 “, he said.

Jazouli also expressed Morocco’s solidarity and support for the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.

The 18th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement opened Friday in Baku with the participation of representatives of about 160 countries and international organizations.

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