UN-Sahara: Resolution 2468 Drops Definitely Options of “independence” & “referendum”

UN-Sahara: Resolution 2468 Drops Definitely Options of “independence” & “referendum”

The latest UN resolution adopted by the Security Council on the Sahara means that the notions of “independence” or “self-determination referendum” are no longer feasible, underlined the Peruvian Solidarity Council with the so-called SADR, the polisario’s self-declared Sahrawi Republic, supported financially, militarily and diplomatically by Algeria.

Resolution 2468, which extended the MINURSO mandate for another six months, has clearly axed the notion of “self-determination”, which was cited only once, and has removed, as in the previous resolutions, the term “referendum”, said the Peruvian Council in a press release.

In this resolution, adopted on April 30 with a large majority, the Security Council reiterated its call for advancing towards a “realistic, pragmatic and enduring solution based on compromise”.

This clearly means that “self-determination” and “referendum” have become “obsolete concepts”, added the Peruvian Council, saying that these concepts are neither realistic nor practical. They do not also respond to a mutually acceptable solution.

According to the Peruvian body, UN Resolution 2468 is a watershed event, insisting on the “political solution” to the Sahara issue with the involvement of the four parties to the conflict: Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania and the Polisario Front.

Mr. Ricardo Sánchez Serra, chairman of the Peruvian Solidarity Council with SADR, has called lately on the polisario to seize the “historic opportunity” offered by the UN political process and accept Morocco’s autonomy plan for the Sahara as a solution to this regional conflict.

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